Al Rogers – Luvadocious



Man I am really enjoy this project from brotha @AlRogers with this newest project Luvadocious. Just an overall transition as an artist with this project is pretty damn dope. Al gives us some unique sounds that his flow just blend so well with the production. The baltimore brederen has had a hell of a year with some amazing performances in the city but really looking to see what 2016 holds and see how he expands as an aritst. Check out “Conversations” so far that is one of my standout records.

All Production was done by Drew Scott (1/2 of Blacksage) except for “U>Me (Unplugged)” which was arranged by The Breedz. Vocals were done by me (Al Rogers Jr.) This is a collaboration effort between Drew and I, enjoy! Luvadocious is a world where love isn’t feared and pursuing your passion is accepted. In this world called Luvadocious people believe God to be a woman and her name is Godina. Baltimore Radio personality Ladawn Black is the voice of Godina and she narrated the entire project. I wanted to give off the feeling that you’re on a voyage through a brand new world and you’re being guided by God himself in this case herself. The project is about faith, struggle, love, heartbreak, and of course passion. :-)

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