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TBA... With us living in a pandemic in this rollercoaster of a year known as 2020, Dats Dope wants to make sure our community is safe. Many events are canceled but we will still keep you informed of the latest projects and events that are COVID friendly. 

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Whats Good? I'm


Dats Dope was established to stay up on the latest trends in hip-hop and streetwear culture. That’s where the inspiration for the name is derived. The phrase “Dats Dope” evolved from just being a saying used in the community to signify something fly, a lifestyle that celebrates what innovative and creative an overall energy and feel is. Here at Dats Dope, we want to create experiences that embody the same positive vibe you feel when you say the phrase.

Way back when we started as a blog in 2009, we detailed upcoming artists and streetwear brands in the Greater Washington, D.C., metro area. Ten years later, we are now kicking it up a notch by bringing that virtual vision into the physical world. We plan events that bring these dope artists together in one space, allowing the community to experience them firsthand.

Having deep family roots in DC, raised in Maryland, and grinding out in Baltimore for a decade, I call each area my home. Right now, we have a great opportunity to connect and grow. Let’s keep the authenticity of both cities.

Our mission is centered on connecting local entrepreneurs and artists to wider audiences. By showcasing their dope talents or products, we give the community a chance to support local businesses and have a dope time doing it. We want all potential rising creatives to understand that they can control the narrative.

That’s where you come in. As the creator of Dats Dope, I would like you to be a part of it too. Join the tribe and enjoy the vibes. Don’t be bamma bruh and show lor bit of love.